Monday, January 23, 2012

Glitter Gradient Nails by Winny!


Last Friday, Winny showed me her fabulous nails from my post that inspired her :D

She used:
Wet n Wild Wild Shine - KaleidoscopeWet n Wild Wild Shine - Sparked

Great job on the glitter gradient! :)

Do this! Do that!


Last week, a good friend of mine from high school came over and asked me to put all these random designs onto her nails. Her mom had tried how the new gel polish so she decided to just leave them on.

I did a couple konad stamps, foils, and leopard print nails.

Blinged out nails!


My little cousin's best friend, Sarah, didn't know what kind of design she wanted for her Sweet 16 nails besides that she loves purple so I blinged it out with rhinestones! My little cousin showed me a pic of her dress and it was basically a purple dress with maddd jewels in the middle with a big jewel flower. I tried to recreate that flower on the ring finger. hehe. Anyway! There you go! Crazy rhinestone nails! :D

I used:
Hi-Res by Milani
Mad rhinestones!

Freehanded Lace


This past weekend, my little cousin went to her best friend's sweet sixteen. She wore a black lacey dress so I decided to do a freehand lace design for her short nails! :D

I used:
Jessica's Wedding Bells by Brucci
Black Striper Polish
Dotting Tool

Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Chinese New Year Nails 2012!

Size Matters by Essie
Gilty Pleasure by Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure
An opposite gradient affect!
Finish off with Only Gold for Me by Sephora by OPI
Here are my VERY simple Chinese New Year Nails! It's not so much a design but more use of the Chinese New Year colors. I am loving this mani! It is super easy and so cool looking! hehe :)

Here's the tutorial for this look! Enjoy! :D

Nail Polish Haul!


From left to right:
School of Hard Rocks
Sew Psyched
Da Bush
Case Study
Thumb: School of Hard Rocks with Shine of Times on top
Added some branches for funzies!
I love all these Essie polishes! They're all just a great combo to wear as a gradient affect on your nails! They are all cremes except for Sew Psyched which is on my middle finger. It has a pearly shine to it. And obviously, Shine of the Times is an iridescent flakey polish which is so beautiful! :D

From left to right:
Smooth Sailing
Size Matters
Lady Like
MOAR Essie polishes!
These are all cremes except for my middle finger once again. Smooth Sailing has an amazing shimmer to it and it's just so beautiful!!!!! All the cremes ones are really opaque! All you need is one coat! :D

From left to right:
Julieanne by Zoya
Yara by Zoya
Stop Stocking Me! by Sephora by OPI
Night Sparkle - Hello Kitty at Sephora
The first two swatches are from Zoya. The thing I love about Zoya is, I can never see the colors IRL so I kind of have to buy them blindly and let me tell you, I have never been disappointed! Zoya is super awesome!!! The first color is Julieanne and it's this beautiful bluish purplish glitter polish. The second one is Yara which I absolutely love! It's an army green color with a gold micro glitter shimmer. It's really pretty! ^^

The next two are polishes I bought at Sephora. Don't mind the middle one haha.
The first one is Stop Stocking Me and it's a metallic purple and is very opaque!
Night Sparkle is from their Hello Kitty line and once I saw Hello Kitty, I knew I HAD to get it! It's a black polish with gold micro glitters! Very cute! :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Copper Glitter Gradient Nails!

Taken with my bb with flash

Outside in the shade

Hey guys! So I've done this design before but with gold and here you can see that I used a copper polish! If you look a couple posts before this one, you can see how gorgeous Shiny Penny by Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure has to offer!

I used:
Shiny Penny by Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure
Don't be Eggnog-ious by Sephora by OPI

 Here's the tutorial! Enjoy! :)

Shine of the Times!


I used:
Base Color - Last Chance by Sinful Colors

Shine of the Times by Essie Luxeffects
Ring Fingers - Magnetic Nail Polish Whitehall Teal &  Trafalgar Square 
by Nails Inc.

I recently bought Shine of the Times by Essie Luxeffects and WOW what a polish! The iridescent flakes are 
so pretty! At one angle, it looks like a burning orange. At another angle, it looks like a sea green! Sorry the 
pictures don't do justice :( In times like these, I wish I had a DSLR. Shine of the Times looks best when you apply it over a dark polish. Let's say you apply it on a light purple, you cannot see the awesomeness of the flakes!

On my ring fingers, I actually went to Sephora and tried out their magnetic nail polish since I can't afford them yet :( I have to say, it is SO coooool! I seriously cannot wait to get them in my possession! They're so pretty!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Simple nails for my Aunt

Hey Everyone!

Lately, I've been doing my Aunt's nails a lot. She likes having an accent nail with a rhinestone so you'll probably be seeing a lot of that.

Here I used:
Base Color - Casting Call/Rose Sage by Wet n Wild
Shine of the Times by Essie Luxeffects
Accent Nail - Konad M21

I used:
Berry Boucle by Maybelline
Ring Finger - Konad M36
Thumb - RA119

I'm so glad my Aunt asks me to do her nails. Sometimes I get the urge to paint someone's nails and I usually can't paint mine because I've already done my nails and don't like to change my nails unless I've worn it for at least a week. That's why I'm so slow when it comes to updating my nail blog. Don't worry though, I'll have lots of posts this coming week! :)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Fitted Frames

Hey Guys!
Just wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year! Yayy! Hello 2012 and new upcoming nail designs! :D

Here you can watch my nail designs from 2011! Tell me which one you like the most! :)

Since it's the start of a new year, two of my very good friends have just started up their own blog! I'm super excited for them because they both have a cute style and sometimes we share the same interests, like nail polish. Sometimes you'll find their nails on my blog as well! They are both girls that love getting their nails done by me. They make my blog possible for new nail art and things like that. :)

So if you are interested in saving money, makeup stuff, finding clothes that fit your frame (petite), and etc, then head on over to their blog and show them some love! hehe