Monday, May 9, 2011

Granny's Nails!

Hello Guys!

So for Mother's Day, I decided to paint my Grandma's nails! Here they are!

She really loves all sort of pinks and bright reds so she chose this color by Zoya! I'm sorry I forgot the color of it! I don't have the polish with me today so when I visit her, I'll find out for you guys! She also specifically requested some glitters too. She's so cute! The glitters I used were Only Gold For Me by Sephora by OPI.


DeeSquared said...

That is sooo cute and your grandma's nails look gorgeous! I wish my mom would let me paint her nails :)

amy kelinda said...

Awww, I love that your grandma loves bright pinks, reds, and glitter!

Eileen said...

i love how fun her nails look :D my gramma used to let me paint her nails, but she dont want her nails did anymore :<

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