Thursday, May 19, 2011

Floral Nail Tutorial

Alrighty! SO! I've decided to make another floral nail video just so you guys can see CLEARLY how to do my floral nails. It's really easy peasy! :)

Hopefully this video was easier to understand than my first floral video! :) Hope ya like em! And let me know if you tried out this look so I can see them! :D


DeeSquared said...

These nails are so pretty. Theyre perfect for summertime!

Eileen said...

I already knew how to make flowers with dots, but I never thought of mixing two colors together! Gotta try that now (: Great vid!

HelloKittyx94 said...

Amazing ♥

xxx Kat

Kimaloo said...

This is WAY easier than the other way. You're so brilliant. <3

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