Sunday, February 26, 2012

Magnetic Polishes!

Houses of Parliament by Nails inc
Magnetix by Icing
Liz's nails!
Hey guys! So I finally got my hands on some magnetic polishes! Yayy how exciting!
The first one if from Sephora and it's called, Houses of Parliament by Nails Inc. For the magnets, I used the ones from China Glaze. The ring finger was supposed to be the star design but I'm still a noob at doing it so you only see half the star...not even lol.

For the second and third picture, I painted my friend's nails. It's the blue metallic magnetix polish from Icing. Although you can't really see the colors, after the magnet affect, it becomes a blue and purple color which is absolutely gorgeous! But in the pictures, they look more like waves which is still pretty cool! :)