Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Halloween Nails!

Hey Everyone! :D

This is my first time doing a Halloween design! I've never done something different on each nail before. It's usually one or two blase colors and then a simple design. Even though this design frustrated me, it was still fun to do :)

Part of this look was inspired by Asami. If you guys don't know who she is, definitely check out her blog! :D

Alrighty! On to some pictures! :)

Night Prowl & Sunnyside Up by Wet n Wild

My right hand :P
no flash

glowing in the dark! :D
I used:

Pointer, Ring, & Thumb: Night Prowl by Wet n Wild (Great Halloween color!)
Middle & Pinky: Sunny side Up by Wet n Wild
Ghosts: Snow Me White by Sinful Colors & Ghoulish Glow by CHina Glaze
Spider & Jack-o-Lanturn: Black Creme by Wet n Wild
Blood Drip: In My Red High Heels by Icing

So as you can tell, I messed up with the jack-o-lanturn. I didn't really look at Asami's nail design very closely :P Next time, I'll know! hehe. I hope you guys like them!


D.Sadie (D.G.S.Beauty) said...

haha so cute! i love them. =D

Eileen said...

aww this is so cute! i love it! my favorite is the ghost one on your ring finger :3

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